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"I Sarti" introduce the possibility to become one of our affiliates, or opening a franchise. We guarantee a real advantage. Not only in term of expenses, but also you could benefit from our network, and our high-end products.

Franchising, or affiliation, is a collaboration between entrepeneurs for the production, and delivery, of services or products. It's adviced for whom would like to start a  business without starting from the beginning, and prefers to join a well established business and brand.

The main firm, either producer or supplier, gives the franchisee the rights to use its products or services advertising them as the main brand, and it can also benefits of the financial and economic advices that come from the main firm. In exchange, the franchisee commits to respect the business standards. Generally in order for a possible franchisee to gain the rights from the main firm, it is necessary the payment of a royalty, and/or a entrance fee together with the sign of a contract that regulates the relationship.

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