We believe in an unique style suitable for everyone. Our mission is clear: give the chance to choose the style and reveal the personality through the apparel. Every day. At an affordable price.

Tailor made outifit are timeless, for every situation e without all the troubles that comes while buying a suit.


The main advantage of a tailor made cloth it's that it always fit. Sizes can be forgotten: you'll have to insert your measures only once, we will take care of the rest.

When your suit will adapt perfectly to your body shapes, you won't need to worry about sizing pants, or sleeves anymore.


We like to make apparel, that is why we carry out this job from more then thirty years, and it is also the reason that drives us to customize and use our experience to give our outfits a personal touch of style


Our fabrics and techniques are strictly "Made in Italy", following the latest quality standards. We don't like to overlook over even the small details, that is why our threads, and fabrics are certified and choose with care. Our mission is to present our customers with long-lasting products that meets the high fashion standards